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Lil Abner Tattoos  - Orange Crush Soda Premium

1 Lil Abner Tattoos FrntBck

                                                                                                    $30     (#32)

            Orange Crush premium Lil Abner Tattoos 1950 Mint

The envelope is 6 3/4 in. x 3.3/4-in.  Li'l Abner, Daisy Mae, Mammie Yokum, and other Dogpatch characters, all promoting Orange Crush.  Inside the envelope is a sheet of eight color tattoo transfers of Li'l Abner, Daisy Mae,  Schmoo, Pappy Yokum, Moonbeam, Lena the Hyena, Sadie Hawkins, Moonbeam McSwine, and Big Barnsmell. On the reverse side are directions for usage.    You won't find it in any better condition then this one.                                     1950 Copyright United Press Syndicate.

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